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Hello world!

十月 31, 2007

Thanks Patrick McAndrew! It’s you guide me to be here.  I would be familiar with the web increasingly.

Just an hour ago, I was reading the article of Josie Taylor,  A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age,  I just finished  a couple of pages, but it had made me think, why did she explore the theory of mobile learning? Are there some rules in mobile learning? What is the relation between the mobile learning and informal learning? Which my experience in learning English had been embraced in the phenomena she mentioned in her article? My learning English alway happens in some special situations, such as when I take the subway I would read New Concept English, when I take exercise in evening, I would listen to English cannel radio. I always take good advantage of these patch time. But indeed I’m not good at managing my long time. I think perhaps it would be some connection between the activity of learning and some situations. Maybe?