Project Based Learning and iPads/iPods

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Handheld computers are everywhere. From mobile phones to handheld games, it’s a very familiar sight to see people of all ages gazing into screens that they can hold. Schools are discovering that handhelds like iPod touch and iPad make great learning tools. In fact, handhelds can play a big part in project based learning. Not only do projects motivate students because they use exciting handheld technology, but they also lend themselves to student voice and choice. Watch or read below to be inspired to bring project based learning into your classroom, learn strategies for creating effective driving questions, and see how an iOS handheld can play a role in the planning, research/investigation, and presentation of projects.

Zhang Meilan‘s insight:

掌上电脑是无处不在。从移动电话,掌上型游戏机,凝视着屏幕,他们可以容纳所有年龄段的人,这是一个非常熟悉的景象。学校发现,手持设备,如iPod touch和iPad,很好的学习工具。事实上,手持设备可以在基于项目的学习中扮演的重要组成部分。做项目不仅激励学生,因为他们使用令人兴奋的手持技术,但他们还借给自己学生的发言权和选择。观看或阅读以下内容以得到启发,使项目为基础的学习进入课堂,学习策略,建立有效的驱动问题,看看如何在iOS手持设备可以发挥作用,在规划,研究/调查和演示项目。

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